Short Stories

Dragon Mountain

Legend has it that long ago, on a tall mountain far away, there lived a magnificent creature. The creature was a dragon, the most majestic creature that had ever lived. It had large wings, scales of every color, and a breath of fire that could burn through anything.

The dragon spent its days soaring over the mountain, playing in the clouds and watching the world below. But one day, it decided to try something new. That day, the dragon spread its wings and soared higher than ever before. It felt like it could reach the sun!

The dragon flew higher and higher, gliding gracefully in the air. As it flew, it could feel the wind beneath its wings, carrying it faster and further than it had ever gone before. The dragon closed its eyes and enjoyed the feeling of freedom as it flew across the sky.

Soon, the dragon found itself at the edge of the mountain and looked down to see the valley below. It took a deep breath, then exhaled a powerful stream of fire that lit up the sky. Then it spread its wings wide and took off, flying even further than before.

It was an incredible experience for the dragon. It had never flown so high or felt so free before. As it flew, it realized how truly amazing this experience was and knew that it would never forget this moment.

The dragon eventually returned to its home on Dragon Mountain and told its friends about its incredible journey. From that day forward, the dragon always looked to the sky with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of flight.

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