Short Stories

Best Friends Forever

Two plant eating dinosaurs, one a brachiosaurus and the other a apatosaurus, were having a conversation in the peaceful prehistoric forest. The brachiosaurus was telling the apatosaurus about his day while they grazed on some foliage.

Suddenly, they felt a rumble in the ground and looked up to see an asteroid hurtling in the sky above them. The two dinosaurs knew that this was bad. They tried to make a run for it, but it was too late, and they could only watch as the asteroid descended towards the earth.

They huddle together, scared and uncertain. Just then, their friend Tricerahops appears with an idea. He suggests using a giant tree as cover from the impact of the asteroid. Jumping at the chance, they race off to find the perfect tree for protecting them from potential danger.

Holding tight to each other as the earth around them flew into the sky, the brachiosaurus and apatosaurus howled at the top of their lungs. Rocks and ash covered them until everything was silent.

Slowly, the brachiosaurus and apatosaurus emerged from the ashes unscathed and went off on an adventure through the new world they discovered. Without knowing it, they were among the few survivors of this catastrophe that changed everything; but still had hope for a better future with their friendship by each other's side.

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